Company profile

Studio Oppermans is specialised in audio postproduction for multi-media purposes:

  • Voice-over recordings in international languages. For this purpose we make use of a large International Voice library;
  • Synchronisation of sound to video;
  • Delivering audiofiles in all formats like WAV (up till 24 bits/96 kHz), Aiff, Wma, AAC, Mp3, Mp4, etc.;
  • Radio commercials (this includes all nescesary documents like cuesheets for Buma/Stemra);
  • Extensive stockmusic, international voice and soundeffects-library;
  • Production and sounddesign of soundtracks for countless applications, such as Corporate films, product presentations, E-learning applications, social media, online video, Documentary films, PowerPoints, Point of Sales, Voice response systems, educational programme’s aetc.;
  • Audio postproduction for TV programmes and films;
  • Lipsync production facility.